Plenary Speaker of ICMBT 2021


Prof. Wei-Bin Zhang

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan

Title: The General Economic Theory– A way to integrate economic theories from Adam Smith till Nobel prize laureates

Abstract: The speech represents the general economic theory which I started 30 years ago to construct basing on my 1991 nonlinear economic theory, named Synergetic Economics. The general economic theory not only integrates various ideas and theories from Adam Smith till Nobel prize laureates in economics within a single analytical framework, but also establishes relations among important economic variables unrecognized in the literature of rigorous economic analysis. I show how to apply modern nonlinear science and computer to build the complicated theoretical system. I will represent the basic assumptions and analytical framework of the theory.

Zhang Wei-Bin, PhD (Umeå, Sweden), is Professor in APU since 2000. He was graduated in 1982 from Department of Geography, Beijing University. He completed his dissertation on economic growth theory in June, 1989. Since then he researched at the Swedish Institute for Futures Studies in Stockholm for 10 years. He also worked as visiting scholars in USA, Japan, Mainland China, Austria, Singapore and Hong Kong before coming to APU. His main research fields are nonlinear economic dynamics (synergetic economics), economic theory, ancient Confucianism, and economic development and modernization of Chinese societies. He single-authorized 330 academic articles (260 in international peer-reviewed journals), 22 academic books in English by well-known international academic publishing houses, and one book of poetry (in Chinese) by a well-known publisher in the field. He is editorial board members of 14 peer-review international journals. Prof. Zhang is the editor of Encyclopedia of Mathematical Models in Economics (in two volumes) as a part of the unprecedented global effort, The Encyclopedias of Life Support Systems, organized by The UNESCO.